Go to court to stay disqualified: K.M. Shaji

KM, leader of the Muslim League of the Indian Union (IUML) Shaji said that he would approach the Supreme Court to suspend the order made by the High Court on Friday, l & # 's 39, informing of his status as deputy of the Azhikode constituency, following a plea from his rival candidate, MV Nikesh Kumar of the CPI (M), for having resorted to the communal campaign.

When he was contacted, Mr. Shaji explained how he could use the communal campaign to "influence the elections in his favor in the constituency with only 21% of Muslims". He said neither his party nor he had engaged in an election campaign to win the elections. "I can not be held responsible for some flyers distributed by certain interests to make it seem like I used religion for an election campaign," he added.

Mr. Shaji also said that those who knew him would not believe that he had used religion to get a vote. In fact, during the election campaign, he categorically stated that he did not want a vote of communalism, he said. He had been "ardently secular as a politician," he added.