Junk Drawer Personal Finance # 1

There is a lot going on in the personal finance blogosphere. I know I can not follow everything, so I guess you (unless you're a blogger) probably will not either.

First, I do not know if there is already a personal finance blogosphere or if it is identical to the FIRE (Financial Independent / Retire Early) blogosphere. I guess you could say that FIRE is a subset of personal finances. However, there are blogs that, in my opinion, are considered fires that deal with the reduction of debt, investments, taxes, insurance and personal finance topics that you can think of. However, not all personal finance is about FIRE, but it certainly sounds like that, because who would not want to be financially independent and be able to choose the job he likes?

It's a bit like all the squares were rectangles, but not all the rectangles were squares. Except in this case, the size of the four sides is extremely close.

It was an unexpected tangent.

This was also the purpose of this type of article. This is a junk drawer article of personal finance thoughts. I had used to do more of these, but with social media, they became a little less necessary.

Big list of blogs on early retirement

Building on this openness, Joe's Retire By 40 offers a large list of blogs on early retirement. I knew most blogs, but I added a few new ones to my list. Now all this has become even more difficult.

Puppies and rainbows of life

My favorite article in the past two weeks has been Tawcan's The End. It does not end the blog, but it must overcome some personal difficulties. It seems that not many people have ever talked about this personally, but in the data groups surveyed, it seems to be everywhere. I felt the same difficulties and I wonder if it is related to being a parent of very young children.

Life still has its frustrations I guess, but there were good thoughts if you ended up in the same place. Yes, it's a little light on the personal finance aspect of the articles I like to put forward usually. However, you should definitely watch the movie Happiness, which covers a lot of personal finances.

Bad Celebrity Personal Finance, Bad

A personal finance celebrity / self-proclaimed expert has gone on a podcast with the awesome Paula Pant and is unleashed against the FIRE community. We will call him S.O. to avoid publicizing him for what many people thought was a media coup to launch his new book.

SO. saw the personal finances and FIRE very differently, loving the first and hating the second. His speech lasted for a while and covered a lot of unlikely scenarios that could cause personal harm. These were things like a truck with pipes on the road having an accident and lying behind. (This can happen despite the amount of money you have at the bank.) Another example is her own mother who, I think, said that she had spent $ 3 million in health care to the end of his life. I may be wrong, but it was literally hundreds of millions of dollars.

There was another extreme example of when artificial intelligence invades the world and that there are no more jobs left. In this scenario, it was thought that taxes would skyrocket to fund activities such as health insurance and social security.

The end-of-world scenarios lead Mr. Tako to write a satire of humor in which Justin de Root of Good Falls and his death off a boat. It was a good price to write, noting that "life is a risk" anyway. The real risk is to reach the age of 65, 70 or 75 and not to participate.

This continued for some time until finally S.O. I realized that the "Early Retire" part of the FIRE community did not usually mean eating bon-bons at the beach at the time. This often means moving to another type of meaningful work. In a way, it alleviates all the problems of falling pipes and artificial intelligence.

SO. It was actually true that many of them could happen and, overall, could happen to some extent. However, it is the people who have thought about these things and who have planned for them who are most likely to be better prepared.

Closing the drawer

There are a few things I did not want to understand, so I may have to do it again very soon. If you could leave a note and leave a comment on this style of writing very different from what I usually do (or see others do), I would appreciate it a lot.