Kathua's rape case: J & K's criminal branch files a complaint for perjury against a witness

The Criminal Section of Jammu and Kashmir has started the process of prosecuting perjury against a witness in the case of rape and murder of an eight year old girl after she was retracted from custody. a "declaration of confession" registered before a magistrate, officials said on November 8.

Pathankot Judge Tejwinder Singh asked Ajay Kumar, aka Ajju, to explain to him on November 12 "why an action under Article 479-B of the Jammu-et-Jambu Code of Criminal Procedure. Kashmir can not be brought to him ".

This section provides a summary procedure for the trial of witnesses testifying contrary to the statements recorded under section 164-A (the physical evidence of witnesses to be recorded must be recorded by the magistrate in certain cases).

On 27 February, Kumar recorded a statement to a Jammu magistrate stating that Parvesh Kumar aka Mannu gave a graphic description of the rape and murder of the girl from a nomadic minority community.

The notice served to Mr. Kumar states, "While a lawsuit was filed by a lawsuit for bringing an action against you for voluntary and deliberate withdrawal from your section 164 return." -A of the CPP during your testimony as a prosecution witness in court, A notice of motive is sent to you stating why an action under Article 479-B of the CPP can not be brought against you. "

"You can appear before this court in person or be represented by counsel on 12.11.2018", says the notification of the court of Pathankot.

On the order of the Supreme Court, the judge of the hearings holds his trial for the terrible case of the rapes and murders of Kathua. The trial was assigned to the Supreme Court of the District and hearings in Pathankot by the Supreme Court earlier this year, after the family of the victim had requested that the case be transferred from Kathua.