SC recalls lifelong order up to death

The Supreme Court reiterated its 2009 judgment condemning capital punishment to life imprisonment for three persons convicted of rape and murder.

Judge Kurian Joseph, presided over by Judge Kurian, found that the three convicts did not have a lawyer to defend them before the Supreme Court at the hearing of an appeal by the Government of Maharashtra to improve their sentence.

Lost opportunity

Deciding on their application for review of the 2009 judgment, the court allowed the three men to file new appeals. These appeals would now be heard by a competent court of the supreme court.

"They were denied the opportunity to hire a lawyer and urge the pleadings that they would have been advised to plead for the defense of state-led appeals for improvements." ", said the Supreme Court on Oct. 31 in an order.

Lifeline for co-accused

Judge Kurian Bench also launched a line of life to three other co-defendants in this case. These three people had already been sentenced to death by the lower courts. They had separately asked the Supreme Court to suspend their imminent execution. In 2009, the Supreme Court dismissed their appeals against their death sentences. Nearly nine years later, the court found that, since the first three men had been granted the opportunity to file new appeals, their co-accused should also enjoy the same opportunity in the Supreme Court.