Steve Blank Brown University Talk

Every year, I go to the East Coast for a vacation. We live in a semi-rural area with barely 10,000 inhabitants in town, with a potato farm in front and an arm of the ocean in the backyard. Although they have technologies, smartphones and computers, most of my neighbors can not tell you the latest trends in AI, Bitcoin or Facebook. In contrast, Silicon Valley is a hub of innovation, a kind of monoculture, with a sea of ​​new technological ideas, led by entrepreneurs who passionately believe that they will be the next Facebook or Google, the sails pushed by the wind Capital investors.

The seas are calm here. Most years, I spend my time reading. This year has been a little more interesting. One of the things I did was talk to the startup community in Providence, Rhode Island, at Brown University.

The conversation is here

It is worth listening.

7:54: How we built startups

11:40 AM: How did the Lean start-up start?

1:34 pm: Why startups are not smaller versions of large companies

14:06: The three pillars of Lean

8:10 pm: Customer development is an art

26:42: How we changed the way science is marketed in the United States

29h14: What is a pivot?

37:34: Customer discovery is not just a group of random conversations

39:03: Errors that make a customer meeting jump

42h45: How do you know that you have spoken to enough customers?

48:51: Why companies are mainly doing theater of innovation

54:59: Tesla started in my living room

57:28: It takes two: Why world-class startups have both a great innovator and a great entrepreneur

1:04:05: The failure is zero

1:08:43: Avoiding the startup's death trap

1:13:22: Talk to the fools

1:16:05: How do you know when you stop being a startup

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