The Iraqi victim's sister blames the survivor

Six months after the remains of the 39 Indians reportedly killed by Islamic State militants were brought from Iraq, the tragedy took a new turn with a family member accusing the survivor Harjeet Masih to be responsible for the death of these men.

Gurpinder Kaur, the sister of one of the victims, went to a Punjab court accusing Mr. Masih and his relative, Rajveer Singh, of conspiracy for the killing of Indian laborers. Mosul as a result of financial disputes.

"My brother Manjinder told us that they had been arguing for several months with Harjeet and his relative, Rajveer, based in Abu Dhabi, who took them to Iraq. All wished to return as soon as the war in Iraq would intensify. But Harjeet had demanded £ 2 per lakh for the return, "said Gurpinder Kaur, adding that Masih and his relative were probably accompanied by powerful people and a network of human traffickers.

Mr. Masih made headlines in 2015 when he returned from India to Iraq via Turkey and claimed to have seen IS militants massacring the hostages in a bloodbath. The Ministry of External Affairs did not believe his story, although it was later established that the men had been killed in 2014 and buried in a mass grave near the town of Mosul where they were working as laborers. building.

Ms. Gurpinder met regularly with her brother, Manjinder Singh, during her nine-month stay in Baghdad and Mosul in 2013-2014. She claims that during these conversations, he informed her of the difficult situation in which they found themselves because of the war between the Iraqi forces and the fighters of the Islamic State. She claims to have stated that the two men should be interrogated to find out the truth about the massacre attributed to the Islamic State. "My brother told me on the phone that the quarrel around the return had continued for months before the city of Mosul fell into the hands of the Islamic State. Manjinder even told me that Harjeet wanted to escape by leaving them in Iraq and they prevented him from fleeing, "she recalls.