The Moothedath HSS team wins the title

The team at Moothedath High School in Taliparamba won first prize at the Kannur edition of L & # 39; Hindu Academic pentathlon held here Thursday.

The 10-member team won 85 points for the event organized by the Hindu Future India Club in association with the University of Vignan. The team at St. Michael's Anglo-Indian High School was second with 45 points. Both teams have qualified to compete in the last state-level event to be held in Kochi, which will feature winning teams from other parts of the state.

Twenty-four teams from different schools in the district participated in school competitions covering the following five areas: math quiz, physics quiz, chemistry quiz, elocution in English and fine arts (music and dance).

Tapping information

P.P. Sadanandan, Kannur's deputy police superintendent, who was the main guest of the awards ceremony, called on the students to work tirelessly to make the raw information a real knowledge.

Noting that raw data was passive, he added that it needed to be transformed into a level of interpretation where knowledge is more analytical. The next stage of knowledge is the criticism found in the writings of great writers and thinkers. He added that criticism is the philosophical level of knowledge. Highlighting the importance of knowledge in the contemporary information society, he urged students to be researchers, researchers and thinkers.

N. Soorya Prakash, chief executive of The Hindu, was the quizmaster and presenter of the event.