These headphones are like Beats by Dre except that they do not cost a car payment

Headphones are like McDonald's. When you listen to podcasts, train, or just bounce around the world, ear buds do the work and fall to the beat. But if you really want to feel the music penetrate, languish in the sound of that immersive way that only good songs can achieve, satisfying the hunger does not do it anymore. You do not need a hamburger. You need filet mignon.

Quality over-ear headphones, such as the Cowin E7 Pro Noise Canceling Wireless Pair (now $ 78.99, or 12% off at TNW Deals), are for real music fans who do not want to worry. do not just listen to music – they hear the music.

The Cowin E7 delivers the kind of sound you expect from high-end headphones, thanks to 45mm wide-mouthed proprietary speakers that deliver everything from delicate, delicate highs to purring bass.

Meanwhile, the unit's Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANC) feature not only ensures that the beautiful soundscape remains untouched, but can also serve as an incredible deterrent when you want the rest of the planet to disappear for some time.

These headphones have a long battery life of 600 mAh, 30 hours. And if you wear a headset on the ear for more than one day, you will also appreciate the economic – minded professional protein headset and padding. 90 degree swivel ear, as well as extra attention to the term listeners at ease.

With Bluetooth connectivity, Cowin E7s also use a built-in microphone optimized for voice to make phone calls seamlessly.

Although music obviously matters most, saving a few dollars never hurts either – so for now, the Cowin E7 are available at $ 11 less than the regular price.

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