We should all be concerned about data control by the company

The era of information has delivered us innumerable wonders and continues countless astonishing innovations on a daily basis. The only reason today's society benefits from such impressive technology and progress today is that we can extract so much information from our data, especially when we combine disparate datasets and combine them with technology. d & # 39; analysis. We are seeing more and more often that companies are starting to exploit this process, controlling as much as possible the control of the data of ordinary people.

We should be seriously concerned about companies controlling data, especially if we are concerned about our privacy and our fundamental rights. That's why you should consider leaving Apple, Microsoft, and other technological behemoths have free rein on your personal data.

Companies are already spying on us

The main reason we should be concerned about data control by companies is that we already have compelling evidence that the big tech giants are spying on us wherever we go. An investigation by the Associated Press revealed that Google tracks your movements consistently, even after you have explicitly forbidden them to do so. I have often observed corporate insidious behavior within my company, but the unscrupulous tracking of users, who tend to believe that tracking services have been disabled, is one of the most disturbing trends and trends. more dangerous than I ever met.

Even when companies do not explicitly exploit our data or follow each other's movements, they always treat our personal information ruthlessly. Facebook, for example, has proven time and time again that it is utterly incompetent in the face of disastrous data breaches. Other social media platforms have also suffered from data breaches, but Facebook is in a special category, flooded with constant scandals about its inability to ensure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.

These days, I am more and more worried that consumers are becoming increasingly suspicious of the trend of data ambivalence and entrusting their information to dubious companies that have no interest in their hearts. The most concerned citizens need to ensure that their daily buying habits do not contribute to a culture of computer laziness, in which we give businesses access to all the information they want in exchange for access fast or inexpensive to their services.

Data will only become more important

The most important aspect of this debate is the fact that data will become more and more vital for everyday life over time. New technological developments that push the information technology boom further will bring with them sensory technologies and surveillance capabilities that allow businesses and governments to devote enormous amounts of resources to discovering the average population on average. . If we do not start taking data seriously soon, we could set up an irreversible trend of mismanagement of malicious data.

Consumers should start boycotting products and services that do not allow them to disable location services, and should push companies to adopt a culture of transparency. Similarly, regulators and government officials need to take the threat posed by business to privacy and human rights more seriously. Driven by profit, the world's largest technology companies have little incentive to worry about you, and conversely, all the motivations of the world to make the most of your data.

It is not possible to reverse the computer trend, because the Pandora's case can not be closed simply once its lid is open. If we want to survive the digital era as free individuals, we must start today to defend the confidentiality of the data. Business data control is good for no one and will continue to be exploited by evil corporate monsters with the intention of profiting from your personal information.

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