Assembly elections of Telangana in 2018: an Adivasi-Lambada war of wear

One year after the start of their campaign for the expulsion of the Lambada tribe from the list of tribes listed, the Adivasis of Telangana are anxiously awaiting the election of the Assembly to help the movement to be made know. However, no political party has given the kind of attention that the nine indigenous tribes expect to obtain for their request.

Although the former districts of Warangal and Khammam have a large Adivasis presence, the movement is particularly strong in Adilabad's former district district, which includes three of the state's twelve listed tribal constituencies.

The Adivasi organizations taking part in the anti-Lambada campaign, the most important among them being the Adivasi Hakkula Porata Samiti, better known as Tudum Debba, demand that political parties present Adivasi candidates from these constituencies.

The organizations are trying to create a union between the tribes to succeed their efforts.


In the old Adilabad, political parties tend to nominate two Lambada candidates and two Adivasis candidates from the Asifabad, Khanapur and Boath constituencies and the Adilabad Lok Sabha constituency.

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti, the first to have disappointed the Adivasi organizations, has once again introduced its deputies to the dissolved Assembly, which counts lambadas to two of the three seats. Depending on their mood, their antagonism to the TRS has only grown.

Tribes are also separated from Congress, which has not yet taken a stand at their request; he also failed to present Adivasi candidates from all three constituencies. It would seem that the opposition party will maintain the tendency to seek a balance by presenting a candidate Lambada of Khanapur, his stronghold.

In seven elections held since 1978, candidates in Lambada have won six victories against Khanapur. This in spite of Adivasi voters outnumbered Lambadas, a fact that Tudum Debba never fails to argue as justification for giving them the seat.

According to independent estimates, there are 63,000 Adivasi voters against the 25,000 Lambadas in the Khanapur constituency, which has a total electorate of 1,85,235.

The tribes were willing to present an independent candidate, but eventually declared support for the BJP's candidate, Satla Ashok.

In Asifabad and Boath, the BJP has nominated candidates from the Raj Gond tribe and Congress has also "indicated" that it will do the same. Asifabad and Boath have an electorate of 1,84,057 and 1,80,713, respectively, including over 60,000 and 40,000 Adivasis against 25,000 and 15,000 Lambadas.