Congress calls for white paper on ticket ban

While the Congress was on the street Friday as part of the second anniversary of the withdrawal of the valuable banknotes, the party apologized to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked for a white paper on demonetization.

"Prime Minister Modiji had stated that the Congress was 70 years old, then the country should give him only 50 days and he will explain how the ban on tickets will put an end to naxalism, terrorism, the end of counterfeit money and the search for black currency, "said Congress Secretary General Ashok Gehlot said during a demonstration outside the RBI regional headquarters in Delhi." Now we want the Prime Minister to tell the people of the country what they have won notebandi. "

Mr. Gehlot said that even in 2016, the RBI warned that demonetization would not achieve the stated goals.

"There is a procedure that the Prime Minister or a Chief Minister follows. modiji wants to run the country on his whims. He arbitrarily announced a rating ban and this ruined the economy. the rupee took a hit, everyone sees where fuel prices are going and where inflation has risen. The Minister of Finance has no idea and gives advice that Modi likesji", Alleged Mr. Gehlot.