CPI discusses fiercely the sharing of seats between teleganas

The Indian Communist Party (ICC) has threatened to withdraw from the Great Alliance, or Mahakutamiin Telangana if his demands are not sufficiently satisfied. Minor partner of an alliance between the Congress, TDP and Telangana Jana Samithi, the CPI has only been offered three seats against eight.

"Discussions are continuing. We are not satisfied with the offer of Congress and have asked them to reconsider their decision, "said CPI Secretary-General Sudhakar Reddy. L & # 39; Hindu. "If our demands are not met, we may have to go alone," Reddy said, adding that the IPC could be ready to settle for five seats.

The CPI is also unhappy with the seats offered: Husnabad, Wyra and Bellampalli. The three seats were occupied by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

The IPC told Congress that it wanted to replace Wyra, a seat reserved for tribes listed.

MLC seats

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the CPI leaders to try to resolve the differences, and assured the party that his reservations would be resolved, sources said on condition of anonymity.

While congressional officials say the IPC would be offered two seats in the state's Legislative Council in compensation, Reddy said the offer had not been formally made.

"And even if they had to offer us two MLC seats, that will not be enough to make us stay," he added.