HC seeks police's advice on Pillai's appeal

The Kerala High Court on Friday asked the police to respond to a petition filed by BJP State President PS Sreedharan Pillai seeking to quash a criminal case against him following his controversial speech on question of Sabarimala.

The hearing on the petition has been postponed until 13 November.

The case was filed under Section 505 (1) (b) of the Indian Penal Code (statement with intent to sow terror or alarm the public, according to which any person may be brought to commit a crime against the State or against the calm of the population). .

The prosecution was based on a complaint that, at a meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, he allegedly declared that the closure of the Sabarimala sanctuary by tantri in case a woman entered would not constitute an insult. in court and people supported him.

According to Mr. Pillai, he made no statement with the intention of arousing fear or alarm among the public. It was very clear in the video footage of the meeting that he had asked the meeting to organize the protest in a peaceful and nonviolent way.

But these passages of his speech were removed by the media. Attempts were made to make the petitioner liable for acts that he had not even anticipated in his speech. He argued that no element referred to in paragraph 505 (1) (b) had been mentioned in the complaint.