ICC (M) supports Jaleel in nepotism

The ICC (M) State Secretariat, which met on Friday, spoke in favor of the Minister of Higher Education, K.T. Jaleel against which the Muslim Youth League (MYL) has made accusations of nepotism.

Mr. Jaleel met Thursday with the Secretary of State of the CPI (M), Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, and informed him of the details of the appointment of a Director General at the Minority Development Finance Corporation. from the state of Kerala. The MYL had accused Mr Jaleel of appointing his parent to the position of managing director, neglecting the other eligible candidates who had come for an interview.

The secretariat would have been convinced of the minister's explanation and that is why it is unlikely that the Unified Democratic Front (UDF) will be pressured to take legal action against it. In addition, the Minister had repeatedly clarified the details of the appointment in public and it was therefore unlikely that the party would publish additional clarifications on the allegations raised by the MYL, sources said.

The secretariat also reportedly reviewed the situation in Sabarimala, but could only respond to the final appeal when the Supreme Court has considered the requests for review scheduled to be heard on 13 November, indicated sources.