Kerala Government Supports Corruption Practices, Ramesh Chennithala

Kerala opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the Democratic Left Front were protecting the Minister for the Protection of Minorities and Higher Education, KT Jaleel, accused of nepotism in the appointment of his close relatives to the post of Secretary General of Minority Development of Kerala. Financial company.

"The government is challenging the public by asking those who are suing the minister to go to court. The chief minister should have expelled Mr. Jaleel immediately after posting a Facebook post about his relative's appointment, "Chennithala said Saturday about Mr. Jaleel's statement that his relative KT Adeeb, was the best candidate for the job. .

Accusing the left-wing government of supporting corrupt practices, Chennithala said information had begun to emerge over several other alleged illegal appointments made by Mr. Jaleel. The leadership of the Youth Congress has brought new charges of nepotism against the minister after he allegedly violated the standards in promoting his wife as a school principal, he said.

The Leader of the Opposition has asked the Prime Minister to conduct a thorough investigation into the charges of nepotism against Mr. Jaleel. He recalled that the corruption charges against Mr. Vijayan and the Minister of Excise, TP Ramakrishnan in the brewery case would remain unchanged, although the Governor rejected his request for approval under the law. of 1998 on the prevention of corruption.

Referring to the alleged killing of a teenager at Neyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram, Mr. Chennithala accused local CPI (M) leaders and police of protecting the accused B. Harikumar, deputy police superintendent. Neyattinkara. Police have not been able to arrest the police officer, who has escaped since the alleged incident, he said.

Sanal Kumar, 32, an electrician originally from Kodangavila, was killed after apparently being pushed by the officer to head for the passage of a vehicle. Mr. Chennithala stated that the decision to refer the investigation to the Crime Branch was part of the effort to save the accused and delay the investigation. The government should set up an investigation headed by an inspector general of police, he said.