Leopard fright near Belagavi – The Hindu

Panic spread among residents of the Hindalco settlement on the Kakati road near Belagavi, after some residents saw a leopard in the jungle behind Hindalco's industrial unit on Friday.

Some residents called the police on Friday morning to announce that they had spotted a large animal with points moving along the fence of the industry campus. They also complained that the animal had been sighted twice at night. Police Commissioner D.C. Rajappa asked officers to check CCTV images available on campus and informed the Forestry Department.

A team of forest officials rushed to the Hindalco campus and spoke to residents. They also sent a team to set a leopard trap. But until the evening, there was no sign of the animal.

However, some people in the area complained that the Forestry Department had not invited the appropriate experts to catch the wild animal. The people that the forest officers brought are people from Rukmini Nagar who are catching pigs for a living, said Purushottam Rao, a resident of Kakati Road.

Mr. Rajappa said the fear has been mitigated since the animal had moved away into the jungle beyond the city.