Meet the AI-Chatbot movement that shows no signs of slowing down

Anyone walking the streets can understand how technology is changing at a rapid pace. But do you know what's the worst? Which of these technologies are about to hit hard. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, chatbots are not content to make headlines, they successfully infiltrate all aspects of our world. These show no signs of slowing down – from businesses to education, to government, to our homes.

The good news? All of these are not usually too complicated. Bad news? It's not a piece of cake either.

This clearly means that you must be aware of the latest trends and ensure that your skills match the growing demand in your target sector. For example, using artificial intelligence technology, Starbucks has launched a new feature allowing iPhone customers to order their coffee via voice activated assistants. In addition to satisfying customers, these chatbots also helped in decision making and streamlining organizational processes.


As a general rule, a vendor must perform multiple tasks at the same time, starting with offering a full-proof presentation to pre-sales reporting. Basically, it is a responsibility that takes time but is necessary. The use of digital assistance can result in short sales cycles. Sales can simply extract the most important details from the transcript, send a few emails and move on to the next high-level task.

Chatbots & AI – Chocolate and peanut butter

Chatbots are nothing but dedicated programs that use machine learning and virtual intelligence (AI). Thanks to advances in both areas, virtual assistants with artificial intelligence can now learn independently and provide assistance to consumers without any additional human intervention. Also used as a fantastic internal tool, a high-end chatbot can help your business to a large extent.

One can easily speed up their internal processes and create an effective communication network for all professionals. Just using an internal bot. It is safe to say that investing in AI chatbots means that there is no need to hire a professional. Other than that, chatbots can be integrated into a wide variety of channels, including Facebook Messenger and Slack.

On this note, I would suggest trying to offer products and services to attract millennials. These millennia are natives of technology while – the other generations are immigrants of technology.

Do you conceive one?

As with any other project, designing AI-chatbot requires a planned approach integrating various aspects such as:

# 1 The goal:

It is necessary to identify where to adapt the chatbot. Before positioning the chatbot, think from the business point of view, from the point of view of the work and the complexity of the data.

N ° 2 oriented customer request:

By keeping customer queries and requirements in mind, developers need to focus on providing information about the issues.

# 3 Design:

Now you need to have a clear idea if you want to create a natural language-based chatbot based on machine-learning or rules-based dialog. This initiative translates into effective results and business performance.

Look at this piece and I would like to mention some interesting use cases of chatbots using artificial intelligence.

A bot that attacks human trafficking.

Can you imagine that technology proves its worth by masquerading as a friendly companion, solving their endless queries with a touch of empathy and humor from time to time? You may currently encounter a plethora of chatbot applications, but the one that has caught the eye is the bot that attacks human traffic.

In order to fight against human trafficking and the sex trade among minors, this bot has been a successful attempt by Microsoft. It also sends a warning message by observing illegal chat styles.

As Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Whether for analysis of historical data or for instant response, these robots can be the best world of customer service. Human operators can lay off for a while and allow these special robots to simply help its users. However, customer service managers do not have all the answers, which also means that human services will definitely be needed to handle the conversation seamlessly. After all, satisfying your end customers is the key to success.

The education industry is no exception.

Have you ever heard of Botsify? It allows teachers around the world to teach their students online. This bot has resulted in an unusual change in distance education and training. Recently, PinnacleWorks developed a SuperBot designed for Indian training institutes that can answer all school admissions questions – and much more, at any time.

AI robots can reduce business risks

Each company includes both internal and external tools and these robots working with an artificial intelligence bring them an additional asset. Getting the most out of visual assistants that can help your end users seems to expand your team without even hiring professionals. It may interest you to know that more streamlined operations and a more productive team are the two main things that no business can say no. Apart from this, chatbots can potentially mitigate a wide range of business risks, such as:

Analyze big data trends.

Generating large amounts of data is more like having a gold mine that needs to be processed and analyzed at regular intervals. Artificial intelligence robots help effectively highlight important patterns and trends that can be used to improve products and develop better solutions that add value to your services.

Sales and marketing campaign.

Evidence-based decision-making (Big Data analytics) has become the latest trend, the information gathered can be used by different departments to create customized campaigns and strategies. These campaigns can certainly lead to significant improvements in closing rates and the generation of qualified leads, generating exponential growth in your business.

Improved productivity.

Software updates have become more frequent than ever before, which means that previous work methods are no longer suitable for the market. Productivity is a special element that enhances the overall operation of the company. In addition to offering a seamless experience, chatbots save you a lot of time. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time checking information or responding to e-mails and so on. In simple terms, these AI robots filter communications like never before.

Potential evaluation.

Evaluating and analyzing your internal operations is now easy and many areas for improvement can be identified in no time. The days when employees were simply asked to gather relevant data and information are over. Today, employees have the opportunity to present their comments to key decision makers in your company.

Ideal for B2B applications.

The business-to-business model is being followed by several well-known companies these days. With the help of chatbots as B2B applications, businesses can help maintain a strong relationship with their customers. As soon as they provide the right information to help you during the sales process, the robots work great for you. In fact, using technology, you can even specialize in making appointments with the right employees.

Only Bots help, they will not replace your team.

I'm sure many of you must have the misconception that technology is replacing human efforts, but in reality, it's all about finding creative ways to be lazy. But that does not mean they can replace human employees. In fact, it encourages workers to focus on complex and challenging tasks that improve the overall performance of the company.

According to an IDC report, digital data will reach 1 trillion gigabytes by 2025. From the tons of information generated every day, workers need all the help they can.

Thoughts of separation.

A range of activities can be performed by robots with artificial intelligence. This will ultimately have a positive impact on businesses of all sizes. As each piece has two sides; Technology is a godsend, but they have a lot of controversy. For example, the model must be formed with a large volume of data. You must demand GPU integration, but with the right technology and resources, you will get quality results. So why are you sitting? Are you ready to harness the power of conversational AI for Chatbots?

Vikash Kumar