MEGAPIXELS: NASA offers a powerful view of the deadly fires in California

A terrible combination of low humidity, dry vegetation and strong winds pushed Californians to flee multiple fires on Friday: the campfire in northern California devastated the city of Paradise and killed At least five people, according to police One of the two torches going on in Southern California has resulted in evacuations to Malibu. The truly hellish images and videos taken by locals fleeing the scene are not exaggerated. these fires represent a permanent and potentially fatal threat. Those in the vicinity should remain alert and evacuate if advised.

The images captured above the fray are perhaps less evocative of a big-budget disaster movie, but they place forest fires in a terrifying perspective. NASA 's Terra satellite captured the above image on Friday morning, showing the massive smoke spread of the three flames in the ocean.

On Thursday morning, NASA's Landsat 8 satellite acquired a closer view of the campfire, which had begun about four hours earlier. Active fire zones are highlighted by shortwave infrared light. By 8:00 pm local time, the campfire had consumed about 20,000 acres of land; According to the latest reports, 70,000 acres burned and the fire is under control at 5%.