The BJP is leading the country to disaster: Chidambaram

Former Union finance minister, P. Chidambaram, on Friday accused the Modi government of having reopened all points of contention in an attempt to conceal its failures. He said Congress had a duty to warn the people against the BJP, which was leading the country on the path of conflict and economic disaster.

Addressing the media in Guwahati, he said the immediate concern of Congress was "the BJP's determined effort to destroy and capture institutions, and the RBI is the latest victim". "Towards the end of his term, the BJP resurrected the agenda of the Hindutva," said Mr. Chidambaram. He stressed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had launched on August 15, 2014 a moratorium on all controversial and controversial issues.

"Today, this call has been forgotten and the BJP – from the Prime Minister to the chief ministers, ministers and party officials, ranging from" pracharks "to supporters – has adopted Hindutva and reopened all the issues that divide, controversial and polarized "I said.

"The BJP had come to power with promises that he had never intended to keep and that he was incompetent anyway. Many of these promises were "Jumlas' (empty promises). Every promise went up in smoke, "he said.

"Where is the promise to create two crore jobs a year? Where is the promise to double farmers' incomes? Where is the promise to reduce crude oil and fuel prices, especially gasoline, diesel and LPG? Where is the promise to restore the exchange value of the rupee to ₹ 40 for a dollar? Where is the promise to eliminate terrorism and militancy? Asked the former minister of the Union to the government.

Speaking of the conflict between the finance ministry and the RBI governor, he said the BJP government did not seem to understand the difference between the central bank and a public limited company.

"RBI is the central bank and around the world, the central bank means the governor … The BJP government does not seem to understand this fundamental quality. It was said that the government was determined to adopt a resolution asking the central bank to transfer something like a rupee from a lakh crore. The governor has only two options: either he bends, or he resigns. In both cases, the consequences will be catastrophic and it will be worse than demonetization, "said Chidambaram.

He is in Assam for open house consultations on the Congress Manifesto.