Britain can not demand unilateral end of Brexit backstop – Hinds

British Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, participated in the BBC Marr Show, London, UK, November 11, 2018. Jeff Overs / BBC / Handout via REUTERS

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain can not call for a unilateral mechanism to end an alleged security deal aimed at preventing the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the United States. Ireland, said Sunday the Minister of Education, Damian Hinds.

His remarks will anger the eurosceptics in the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Theresa May, who fears support, an insurance policy if an agreement on future relations does not guarantee the opening of the border, could maintain the Great Britain. Brittany in the customs union of the European Union.

"The Prime Minister has to negotiate something that is negotiable with the other party and works for the people here. If we are too keen to say that we must have a totally unilateral exit or that there is an absolutely fixed deadline, it is very unlikely that it will be negotiable with the other party, "he said. told the BBC Andrew Marr Show.

"But on the other hand, people here rightly want comfort … and the certainty that it's not an open thing, so there must be some way to give that comfort and confidence to people. But exactly what is the form of this, it is at the heart of these discussions. "

Reportage by Elizabeth Piper; Edited by Janet Lawrence

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