CM Karnataka and Deputy CM do not participate in BJP celebrations

BJP demonstrations and right-wing formations, coupled with the absence of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, and his deputy, marked the "Tipu Jayanti" celebrations in Karnataka on Saturday.

Tipu Jayanti is celebrated to celebrate the anniversary of his birth, Tipu Sultan, controversial ruler of the eighteenth century of the ancient kingdom of Mysore.

The celebrations put the state under a thick blanket of security, while the BJP and other organizations were threatening to demonstrate, the main event in Bengaluru was revealed dull.

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara, who was scheduled to inaugurate the main event at Vidhana Soudha, seat of the state parliament, in the absence of Mr. Kumaraswamy, also gave up this function.

Mr. Kumaraswamy did not attend the event, citing doctors' advice to rest for three days until November 11th.

The Chief Minister's Office (CMO) had already announced Mr. Kumaraswamy's inability to attend the ceremony and his name was also not on the invitation.

Parameshwara did not attend the event because he was out of town, sources told his office. PTIwithout disclosing any details.

Reports on the difference of opinion emerge

Following the Chief Minister's decision not to participate in the event, there were reports of a difference of opinion between the partners in the ruling coalition during the celebrations.

In opposition, Kumaraswamy questioned the need to celebrate such celebrations, initiated by the previous Congress government led by Siddaramaiah.

Mr. Kumaraswamy would have chosen to avoid this event so as not to upset voters in the old Mysuru area, his party, since Tipu Sultan had seized power over the almost venerated Mysuru Maharajas.

The Prime Minister's Office (CMO), however, issued a statement on Mr. Kumaraswamy's absence from the event.

Kumaraswamy gives his wishes

Wishing the success of the Tipu Jayanti celebrations, the leader of the JD (S) said that the progressive measures taken by Tippu in the administration were "commendable".

He stated that, taking rest in the doctor's opinion, he was unable to participate in the program.

"It is not necessary to add a particular meaning. It is also far from the truth that he does not participate in the fear of losing power because he opposes such blind beliefs, "said the marketing strategy manager.

It was the first such "Tipu Jayanti" celebration after the coming into power of the JD-led coalition government led by Kumaraswamy.

The government of the previous Congress, led by Mr. Siddaramaiah, began celebrating Tipu Jayanthi on November 10 of each year since 2015, in a climate of fierce opposition from the BJP, several Hindu organizations and a few individuals.

BJP protests

The BJP and several right-wing organizations have staged protests in different parts of the state to oppose the celebrations.

Calling Tipu "religious bigot", the state's BJP unit had urged the state government to give up its decision to celebrate the Jayanti.

In Kodagu district, where the 2015 protests were marked by widespread protests and acts of violence, Tipu Jayanti Virodhi Horata Samithi called for a bandh.

Kuttappa, an employee of VHP, had perished in Kodagu district during a clash that erupted during the Tipu Jayanti that year.

Police arrest BJP workers

BJP workers and MPP Appacchu Ranjan were arrested by police in Madikeri, Kodagu district, for protesting the event, after fighting with the police for not having left those who had not been invited to attend the event.

Another BJP deputy and former president of the assembly, KG Bopaiah, was arrested in Virajpet during the protest, police said.

In Mangaluru, protesters attempted to break into the office of the Zilla Panchayat with black flags where the protest was organized. The protesters were later arrested by the police.

In Yellapura, Uttara Kannada district, protesters were also reportedly arrested.

Similar protests have been reported in Chikkamagaluru, Ballari, Karwar and various parts of the state.

Police have imposed prohibition orders in most districts of the state as a precautionary measure.

Security device

Additional security measures have been put in place in districts such as Kodagu, Chitradurga, as well as coastal areas, among others, where local communities oppose the celebrations.

Tipu Sultan was considered a relentless enemy of the British East India Company. He was killed in May 1799 while defending his fort at Srirangapatna against British forces.

The ruler, however, is a controversial figure in Kodagu district. Kodavas (Coorgis), a martial race, thinks that thousands of men and women were captured and detained during his occupation and subjected to torture, death and conversion to Islam.

He is also charged with the execution of Mandayam Iyengars at the Melkote Temple in Mandya District on Deepavali Day, while supporting the Maharaja of Mysuru at the time.

Tipu Sultan is also perceived negatively in the coastal district of Dakshina Kannada, where Christians believe that he has unleashed atrocities on their community.

However, many historians dispute the magnitude of this repression, which considers Tipu as a secular and modern leader who has assumed the power of the British.

At the same time, a group of Muslim leaders and Minister of State, Zammer Ahmed Khan, met with Congress leader Siddaramaiah and honored him at the Tipu Jayanti.

Referring to Tipu as a "good administrator," Siddaramaiah criticized the BJP for opposing Tipu Jayanti celebrations, while recalling that saffron party leaders were attending similar events while they were at home. power.

Tanveer knows offusque of HDK's absence

Mr. Kumaraswamy was attacked by former minister and congressman Tanveer Sait for failing at any celebration at Tipu Jayanti for health reasons.

Presiding over the Tipu Jayanti celebrations in Mysuru, Mr. Sait said he would not object to the Chief Minister taking a break in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. "But, wherever he is resting, he should have at least participated in the Tipu Jayanti event at the taluk level," he said, warning the chief minister of feelings of a community.

He said Tipu Sultan was not a leader of Muslims. The 18th century warrior king, who fought for India's independence from the British, was popular at the national level. His birthday should be celebrated as a national holiday, Sait said.

Although the Minister of Higher Education, GT Deve Gowda, also Minister in Charge of Mysuru District, inaugurated the Tipu Jayanti celebrations in Kalamandira, Mysuru, the Minister of Tourism and Sericulture, SR Mahesh, Is distinguished. by his absence at Tipu Jayanti celebrations in Madikeri.

(With contributions from Laiqh Khan)