Janardhana Reddy comes to the police for questioning

The three-day manhunt against G. Janardhana Reddy ended on Saturday, after the mining baron and former minister, accompanied by a team of lawyers, went to the headquarters of the Central Crime Branch (CWB) Saturday night to appear before the investigators.

He was interrogated for more than seven hours starting at about four o'clock. in the context of a money laundering case of 20 billion crores, while his lawyers were waiting in front of the chamber.

Mr. Reddy denied accusations of taking money or gold to bribe officials of the Law Enforcement Branch and described them as "political conspiracy". ". He spoke to the crowd of members of the media claiming that he had not escaped and that he was complying with a notice served by the CWB to appear before the police for a examination.

Syed Ahmed Fareed, owner of Bengaluru-based investment firm Ambidant Marketing, which is being investigated for defrauding investors in a 600-pound Ponzi swindle, said Reddy had 20 crores of rupees, of which 2 crores were paid in cash and ₹ 18 crore in 57 kg of gold. The gold was reportedly cleared by two jewelers and handed over to Mr Reddy's assistant, Mehfuz Ali Khan.

Face to face with Fareed

When Mr. Reddy denied these allegations and claimed that he did not know anyone named Syed Ahmed Fareed, CWB detectives summoned the Ambidant owner, released on bail, and interrogated the two men. .

Before presenting his arguments, the former minister had insisted that he had no connection with Ambidant, accused of having cheated 15,000 investors by promising them interest rates. high interest. Investigators claim that part of the money was diverted to Mr. Reddy. At the time of going to press, Mr. Reddy was still questioned.

Reddy, who said he did not escape, appeared before the police one day after his application for early release by a local court was adjourned until Monday. Mr. Khan was also interviewed by the CWB investigative team elsewhere.

Reddy broadcasts a video proclaiming his innocence

The tragedy took place at the CWB headquarters when a convoy of carsMr. Reddy entered the premises at 4 pm the Saturday. Before submitting to the interrogation, Mr. Reddy published a videoeo with him and his lawyer handling the charges from an undisclosed location. Proclaiming his innocence, he said, "I can guarantee you that they will not find anything to sue me."

The police had sent teams to Hyderabad and various locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in search of him. However, Mr. Reddy claimed that he was in Bengaluru all these days. "Unfounded accusations are brought against me and, because of these rumors, I record a video message to present you with all the facts. Rumors that I was hiding in Hyderabad or elsewhere are false. I've been to Bengaluru all this time. I do not know whether to laugh or cry after reading media reports, "he said.

Investors Meet at CWB Office

While the news spread that police questioned Mr. Fareed, investors who would have lost their money to his company Ambidant Marketing in a Ponzi scam gathered in front of the headquarters of the CWB Saturday. One of them was Zaiullah, a 40-year-old Goripalya tailor. "I had invested 3,000,000 lakh in the company and promised to buy my house in Ramanagaram five months ago with Ambidant. The company has promised me a monthly interest of ₹ 9,000, but so far, I have not received them from any one country, "he said.

In tears, Mr. Zaiullah, who lost his home, told BCC officials that he wished to file a complaint. Officials ordered him to register a complaint with the local criminal police.