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Most people think that to get better results in certain areas of their lives, they have to start doing something, add something to what they already do. For best results, they must do something new. We find better by addition.

Taleb m has introduced the idea of ​​Via Negativa, the idea that the best is more often found in the subtraction. It is more likely that you will get the best results you want by subtracting, eliminating items instead of adding items.

You could improve your health by eliminating certain foods and substances similar to food or calories beyond your needs. You could improve your wealth by eliminating expenses that do not bring you real joy or real value. You can also improve your work through elimination.

  • You can start by eliminating tasks and projects that will not move you towards your goals and results. The time you recover is the time you can spend on the most important tasks and projects that are important to you and others. Some time ago, I reviewed my list of projects and erased eighty percent, which not only saved time, but also clarified the objectives.
  • Distractions are now so many and varied that it can be difficult to eliminate them and focus on what needs your attention. You can eliminate Internet and social applications that take you away from the very small number of elements that produce the most significant results. More difficult, but just as important, you can block your time and give public notice to remove interruptions.
  • Email is not something you can easily drop. However, it is something you can eliminate hours at a time by closing your inbox. Unless you have a role that requires you to monitor emails for support, you can stay two hours without answering emails with confidence. Your phone rings if an emergency needs your attention.

For most sales professionals, one of the most important items they must remove is the tasks (or transactions) that belong to another person on their team. Subtraction hear multiplying results, even if it requires trust in your team.

More is not better. Better is better. The multiplication is in the subtraction, not the addition.

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