The center approves the name change of 25 places in the last year

The Center has agreed to rename at least 25 towns and villages across India over the past year and one of the pending proposals is one for the State of West Bengal, according to officials.

Allahabad and Faizabad are the latest additions to the growing list of places that have been renamed.

Several proposals, including the name change from West Bengal to Bangla, are pending with the central government. It is a long process involving many ministries and central departments.

Last year, the Ministry of the Interior of the Union agreed to the name change proposals in 25 villages and towns in different parts of the country, said a senior official of the ministry. PTI.

The proposals to change the names of Allahabad to Prayagraj and Faizabad to Ayodhya still have to be received by the Government of Uttar Pradesh government, said the official.

Approved proposals

Some of the approved name change proposals are: Rajahmundry as Rajamahendravaram in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh; Outer Wheeler as APJ Island Abdul Kalam, located in Bhadrak district in Odisha; Arikkod as Areekode in the Malappura district of Kerala; Pindari under the name of Pandu-Pindara in the district of Jind, in Haryana; and Samphur as Sanphure in Kiphire District, Nagaland.

Other nominations approved by the ministry include Landgewadi in Narsinhagaon in Sangali district of Maharashtra; Garhi Sampla as Ch. Sir Chhotu Ram Nagar in the district of Rohtak in Haryana; The village of Khatu Kalan as Bari Khatu in the Nagour district of Rajasthan; Mihgawan Chhakka and Mihgawan Tilia as Mihgawan Sarkar and Mihgawan Ghat respectively in the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh and Shukratal Khadar as Sukhtirth Khadar and Shukratal Bangar as Sukhtirth Bangar in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

A proposal to change the name of Kacharigaon to Phevima in Dimapur district in Nagaland has recently been rejected by the Ministry of the Interior, said the official.

The Ministry of the Interior is reviewing these proposals in accordance with existing guidelines in consultation with the relevant agencies, another official said.

Name change requirements

The Ministry of the Interior gives its consent to the name change of any place after being desisted from the Ministry of Railways, the Post Office Department and the India Inquiries.

These organizations must confirm that there are no towns or villages of this type bearing a name similar to the one proposed.

To rename a state, the Constitution must be changed by a simple majority in Parliament. To change the name of a village or city, a decree is needed.

The proposal to change the name of West Bengal to "Bangla", as suggested by the state government, was recently forwarded by the Ministry of the Interior to the Department of External Affairs, as its name resembled the name of the neighboring country, Bangladesh, said the official.

Named after great people

Vijay Rupani, Prime Minister of Gujarat, said on Thursday that his state government was planning to rename Ahmedabad in Karnavati and that the name change could take place before the Lok Sabha elections, which will take place next year.

BJP leader Raja Singh said on Thursday that the party "would aim" to rename Hyderabad and other cities of the state into names of outstanding people when he was elected to power in Telangana after the next elections of the Assembly.

Last year, the Center approved the proposal to rename the emblematic Mughalsarai station in the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (DDU) station after the leader of Jan Sangh, found dead at the station in 1968.

Approval was also given to add the word "Maharaj" in the iconic Mumbai Terminus Chhatrapati Shivaji. He is now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

The name of any state that changed last time dates back to 2011, when Orissa became Odisha. The names of Bombay were changed to Mumbai in 1995, Madras in Chennai in 1996, Calcutta in Calcutta in 2001.

The central government approved the name change of 11 Karnataka cities, including Bangalore as Bengaluru, in 2014.