Cloudflare Brings Its Privacy-Enabled DNS Switching Application

If you want your government to monitor your browsing history or just want a simple way to access blocked sites in your world, Cloudflare offers you a new app for Android and iOS.

The new networking application is just a simple DNS switch, which routes your phone's web traffic through Cloudflare's free DNS service with just one click. When you activate it, it works as a VPN application and should make it more difficult to track your online activity through ISPs. previously launched in April for desktop computers and requires only a few simple adjustments in your operating system settings. To use it on your phone, just download and install the app and then activate it.

The service works as advertised: once installed on the Android phone that I use in India, I was able to visit Pornhub – which is blocked all over the country – without any problem. Cloudflare also claims that its service speeds up navigation, but I will have to test it further to confirm. You know, for science.

It should be noted that this can only prevent your ISP from following the sites you visit; If you want more privacy on your connection, it is better to use a VPN service. Nevertheless, it's an easy way to get around site bans.

Take free version on Google Play and on the App Store.

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