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Apart from the withdrawal of your competitor, there is a type of displacement that is also – and in some cases – even more difficult to perform. It's more complicated, and sometimes even more political. The displacement I'm referring to here is moving from one priority to another or one project to another.

One of the reasons why companies refuse to change partners while they justify it is because they have limited bandwidth, limited time, resources and financial resources. It is likely that your dream client is currently working more than the initiative, and the idea of ​​diverting your attention from another priority is not always attractive. This could distract from their priorities or disrupt their activities at a time when they no longer have the means to face additional challenges.

Make it strategic

That said, it's up to you to help your dream clients achieve better results, and the key executives of Eat their lunch can help you move other projects and priorities. It starts with Chapter 1 and Level 4 Value Creation ™, or the focus on creating the strategic outcomes that your dream client pursues or should achieve. Your chances of moving higher priorities with lower value levels are no different than your chances of winning the lottery. There are not enough "there" there.

The starting point for making the client of your dreams a priority is proportional to the strategic value of the results you produce. You need to tie your initiative to something strategic enough to command time, attention and money.

Mindshare> Something else

The second way you put your arguments to the top of two or three major initiatives (the few who receive time and attention) requires you to grasp the spirit, Chapter 2 in ETL. You need to define how the client of your dreams perceives their strategic outcomes, particularly with regard to the solution you are selling and its contribution to achieving their goals. How are their other initiatives hurting because your initiative is not facing others?

You must be able to demonstrate that you must start. If you can not defend this point, you can not expect the contacts you work with to do better. You must link your opportunity to the success of their other strategic initiatives.

More of us than the

Finally, you need a consensus. You need to create a stakeholder map whose support will enable you to elevate the ranking of your dream client's priorities. Chapters 7 and 8 in ETL. The way to think about it now is Horizontal and Vertical, which means getting support at the top and bottom of the chart, as well as for different functions (think in depth and breadth here).

The more people who believe and support you because they believe that what you are offering is valuable enough to be treated, the more likely you are to find your chance at the top of your dream client's priority.

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