Kerala joins the National Cancer Grid

More than 30 public and private hospitals offering cancer treatments in the state will be part of the Kerala Chapter of the National Cancer Grid, which was launched Saturday at this location.

According to sources, one of the aims of this network was to offer high quality treatment to cancer patients. One of the benefits of this system would be access to a "virtual table of tumors", whereby the details of a cancer patient undergoing treatment in a particular hospital could be shared with experts from other centers of the country. The board of directors will have surgeons, cancer experts and government paramedics, as well as private hospitals and cancer clinics.

The network is also trying to deploy collective efforts in cancer treatment and research to develop more effective treatment methods. Training and continuing medical education programs are also underway.

The Malabar Cancer Center in Kannur and the Regional Cancer Center in Thiruvananthapuram, which already have cancer registries, will be included. Details such as the patient's age, sex, lifestyle, family history and eating habits are recorded. According to a recent report from the CCR, 50,000 new cases of cancer are detected in the state each year. The number of cancer cases in the state is higher than the national average and the number of deaths per year is greater than 20,000.

The National Cancer Grid was established in August 2012 to link cancer centers across India. On a network of 14 cancer centers, it now has more than 50 major institutions in the country. Funded by the government of the Union through the Atomic Energy Department, it is working to standardize cancer treatment standards in India by adopting evidence-based management guidelines.