Nirmala Sitharaman: the differences between India and China should not become conflicts

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday announced dialogue between India and China on various issues, saying that disputes between the two countries should not become disputes.

India and China must respect each other and solve their problems through dialogue and unite for peace and prosperity, said Ms. Sitharaman.

Various issues such as defense, border disputes, border exchanges and the presence of Indian and Chinese defense forces in the Indian Ocean can be resolved through ongoing dialogues, the minister said.

"The competition is normal, but the competition should not become a conflict. The differences must not become conflicts, she told Itanagar.

"The solution lies in dialogue, the solution lies in a peaceful commitment. But for that, mutual trust should exist. However, she added, mutual recognition of sensitivity in each country should be respected and resolved through dialogues.

Ms. Sitharaman delivered the seventh lecture in memory of Rutum Kamgo, former activist of the Arunachal Pradesh RSS, on the theme "Towards a rapprochement of Indo-Chinese relations for an emerging Asia".

On a proposal from Chief Minister Pema Khandu to open border trade with China via Bum La Pass, Ms. Sitharaman said that trade was possible with the border villages of both countries, such as the current border haats at Nathu La in Sikkim and Moreh in Manipur.

However, she added, the balance of trade between the two countries was in favor of China. "Trade between India and China is large-scale, ranging from 80 to 90 billion USD. Unfortunately, we buy them huge quantities. But for our products, their market is not open. "

"We have several products such as telecommunications, vegetables, tea, soy, raw sugar, pharmaceuticals, etc., for which China has a keen interest," said the defense minister, adding that two countries could cooperate, in particular to contain terrorism and promote sustainable development.

The minister described India and China as engines of growth for the world, saying that the emergence of both countries would pave the way for an emerging Asia. "Peace, security and development in Asia are possible when India and China have developed. The development of both nations is possible only if there is mutual respect and understanding between the two countries. "

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said the two countries should follow the mantra of samman (the respect), SAMBAD (dialogue), Sahyog (Cooperation), Shanti (Peace and Samriddhi (prosperity) for development.

"There are many multilateral institutions in the world, such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, and so on. where the representations of countries like us, more populated and whose demand is negligible. India and China should jointly raise the issue for mutual benefit, "she added.