The DGAC suspends the flight license of the director of operations of IA Kathpalia for 3 years

DGAC air regulator has suspended the flight license of Air India's director of operations, Arvind Kathpalia, who failed Sunday's alcohol test, a senior official said.

On Sunday, Air India fired Mr Kathpalia after he failed to pass the alcohol test before the flight.

In the event that Mr. Kathpalia was identified as "positive" on November 11, the privileges of his license were suspended for a period of three years in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force, said the manager.

The suspension is effective from 11 November.

Rule 24 of the Aircraft Rules prohibits crew members from having a drink 12 hours prior to the flight and is required to have an alcohol test before and after the flight.

The penalty prescribed for such offenses under the rules of the DGAC is the suspension of the flight license for three months in the event of a first offense.

For violation of the standards for a second time, the license is suspended for three years and for a third time, the license is permanently canceled.

Previously, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) had suspended its pilot license of Chief Operating Officer Kathpalia in 2017 for having passed the breath analyzer before a flight. He was subsequently removed from his position as Executive Director, Operations.