Visualize the current fires in California, among the deadliest and most destructive ever recorded

California is once again in flames and, despite an already horrible season, these new fires continue to break records.

The camp fire that ravaged the city of Paradise, north of California, is already tied for the deadliest fire ever seen by California. The authorities confirmed that 29 people died Monday morning and that more than 200 people are still missing, there may be others. The mayor of Paradise told BBC 90% of the residential area of ​​the city is destroyed and the fire is the most destructive ever recorded in California.

This and the two fires outside Los Angeles are fueled by what is now an all too familiar combination of factors on the west coast: dry vegetation, low humidity and high winds. Although they are not the largest in the country, the images that NASA collects from its satellites are staggering even in recent years. Up to now, camp fires have consumed 109,000 acres, while the Woolsey and Hill fires have burned 83,000 and 4,530 acres, respectively.

The fires in the south of the country have drawn a little more social media attention since the Woolsey fire that ravaged the Malibu area, where many celebrities have made their homes, as well as the Paramount Ranch, where many movies and TV shows are shot.

Non-residents have also published articles on the dramatic effects of these recent fires, including videos and images of trees engulfed by flames and burning houses. The rest of the world may be used to seeing these horrible images, but Californians are living with them more and more.