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Advisory does not mean what many sellers think. They believe it means a soft approach, a pressure that is neither too strong nor difficult to sell. They also believe that this means that they ask a lot of questions, and even though the questions can be powerful, the questions themselves do not make a consultation (they are necessary but not sufficient to make one). The mere fact of being impartial does not make you a trusted advisor either.

Instead, what makes a consultation is its ability to consult. Advisory means that one provides advice, but even more, it means that one has business acumen and situational awareness to have advice that is worth being taken. But it is not enough to give advice.

When you look at salespeople, even if their style is soft and collaborative, you'll see them tell their customers how to think about their problem, why they need to change, what their options are and what they think is the right choice. . They will tell the customer what they need to do to get the results they are looking for and, if they do not know it, the sales consultant will help them understand what results they should look for.

The trusted advisor is trusted and has advice.

The first thing you need is the business acumen and the experience you need to be able to deliver the advice that is worth the effort and the worst. You should also be willing to provide these tips, which is just as important as being able to advise them. It's up to you to gain the business acumen and experience to get these tips – and the confidence to provide them.

The idea that an advisory salesperson is unbiased is incorrect. A sales consultant has strong opinions about why their prospects should change, how they should change and who should he choose as a partner. If they are not suitable for the client, they are more than willing to provide the contact information of someone who can give them the results they need.

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