Ajay Chautala calls on MPs and MPs to meet in Jind

INLD General Secretary Ajay Singh Chautala invited former deputies, deputies and other bureau members on Monday to a meeting in Jind on 17 November.

Mr. Chautala sent a letter that does not mention any agenda for the meeting and states that "an invitation is hereby addressed to the meeting of the Lok Dal Indian (INLD) Corps of the State of # 39; Haryana ".

"All members / heads of state organs, special guests, members of the executive, former deputies and deputies, district chairpersons, state presidents and officials all the cells of the party and its organs can attend the general assembly of the state body, "wrote Mr. Chautala, a former deputy.

The letter, which invites various party officials to the meeting, is set amidst a growing gap in the Chautala family.

When asked if an important decision was likely to be made by him at the November 17 meeting, Chautala told reporters Monday in Delhi that "all colleagues will sit down and decide".

Apparently, Ajay Singh Chautala and his younger brother Abhay Singh Chautala, opposition leader of the Haryana Assembly, met Sunday in Delhi.

To a question, Ajay Singh Chautala has not ruled out other meetings with his younger brother in the coming days in order to end the growing divide by saying, "It's dear to me, we are will meet every day. "

He said he was likely to meet with former Punjab minister, Parkash Singh Badal, in Chandigarh this week.

While Digvijay Chautala, the son of Ajay Singh Chautala, Sunday excluded any possibility of mediation of Patriarch Akali Dal to stop the quarrel within the INLD and family Chautala.

On Saturday, the deputy of Hisar, Dushyant Chautala, refused to accept his deportation and that of his brother Digvijay Chautala of the INLD, claiming that the national executive of the party had not met.