CBI reserves its own legal counsel for alleged infringement

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) hired its own Deputy Legal Counsel (DLA) from an anti-corruption unit for alleged falsification of its annual performance appraisal reports (APARs) for three consecutive years.

The accused, Beena Raizada, is currently working for the agency's anti-corruption agency VI (Delhi), which handles Vyapam's scam cases.

The FIR was registered following an investigation into allegations that Ms. Raizada allegedly forged the signatures of her appraisal reports. She joined the Patna Anti-Corruption Service as Attorney General in May 2014 and, after being promoted, became DLA in November 2014.

Ms. Raizada was relieved of her duties in January 2017 and transferred to the AC-VI unit.

At the Office of the Prosecutions Department at IWC Headquarters in Delhi, the accused personally submitted her three evaluation reports for 2014, 2015 and 2016, along with evaluation notes from the same period, allegedly bearing the signature of VK Singh, then deputy. Inspector General (DIG) and head of the anti-corruption branch of Patna.

All evaluation notes certified that Ms. Raizada's performance was "excellent". However, during the investigation, Mr. Singh – who is now the Inspector General of the Jaipur Chain Police in Rajasthan – has indicated the signatures on the assessment notes. looked like his, but he did not sign these documents.

Mr. Singh stated that Ms. Raizada was not on duty for 90 days in 2014 and 2015 and that it was therefore out of the question to write an evaluation report in her favor. Likewise, it was out of the question to write an evaluation report in his favor for 2016, since he had been repatriated in 2015 to his department of origin.

"It was also found that, in accordance with the procedure, the evaluation notes for judicial officers at the level of Deputy Attorney General, Attorney General and Attorney General in office are issued by the DIG / Head of Division in order to the annual assessment, said the agency.

However, during the period in question, Ms. Raizada, as DLA at the time, was working under the joint direction of Patna and the DIG would not have been able to publish the said notes. Evaluation. "This prima facie case establishes that Mr. Singh's signatures were forged in order to ensure that his APARs are treated in a favorable manner," said the agency.