How to delete the history of your Google Maps locations

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Google follow all your movements, literally. The company's Maps application keeps records of all the places you went with your phone. It's convenient as a future reference, or just scary, depending on what you think of megacorporations.

This is not bad, however: you can check the timeline of Google Maps to see all places visited, manage your location history, and completely disable location tracking. Here's how to navigate the portal and configure it as you like

To disable location history:

  • Point the browser on your computer to to see the Google Maps timeline.
  • Click the "Manage Location History" tab.

Credit: Google

  • You can also click "Pause History Location" under the settings icon on the timeline page.

Credit: Google

  • On the activity page, disable the "Location History" button.

To delete the location history:

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • Open the menu by pressing the hamburger button on the left, then select "Your Timeline."

Credit: Google

  • Touch the menu button on the next screen, then touch "Settings".

  • Scroll down to the "Location Settings" section and select "Delete All Location History" or "Delete Location History Range" to delete the data. d & # 39; location.

Credit: Google

  • If you're on your desktop, you can go to Google Maps Timeline and click the delete icon to clear your entire location history.

Credit: Google

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