In Mizoram, the BJP focuses on minorities

In the predominantly Christian Mizoram, minorities count for the Bharatiya Janata party.

The BJP has also been in Mizoram since 1993, when it won 3.11% of the vote, the best result so far. But the attempt to conquer its "last frontier" prompted the party to invest heavily in this northeastern state like never before.

In addition to the minimal number of non-tribal voters, the BJP focuses on four minority tribes that constitute a powerful electoral force in at least 11 constituencies of the Assembly.

These tribes are the Chakmas Buddhists, the Maras and Lais Christians, who are also part of the great Mizo society, as well as the Hindu and Christian Brus.

The BJP was shot in the arm when former Minister Buddha Dhan Chakma, victim of the "discrimination" of the Lal Thanhawla government against the Chakmas, left Congress in October. Hiphei, the leader of Mara, left his position as president of the assembly to join the BJP a few days later.

"The BJP should make a difference for the Mizoram minorities, who are often denied equal rights," said Mr. Chakma, party candidate for Tuichawng's post in Lawngtlai District, at the same time. extreme south of the country. L & # 39; Hindu.

"The BJP has come into force, but the Congress would have had the easy task if the bad candidates had not been presented," said Amit Kumar Chakma, replaced at the last minute by Kali Kumar Tongchangya as a candidate of the Congress at Tuichawng.

Mr. Tongchangya belongs to a minority community within the Chakmas.

Chakma influence

The Chakmas dominate Tuichawng and West Tuipui in the neighboring Lunglei district. They also have a significant presence in the Thorang and Kolasib seats with the Brus, who have a significant presence in the Hachhek, Dampa and Mamit seats.

The Lais dominate the constituencies of Lawngtlai East and Lawngtlai West, like the Maras in Palak and Siaha. "Minority areas have been deprived of the kind of development that we hope the ruling BJP in most Indian states will guarantee," said Hiphei.

BJP President J.V. Hluna admitted that the party had a plan for minorities. "We hope to win five to ten of the forty seats and become the king. We can only do this with the support of the majority of the Mizos, "he said.

Mr. Hluna, who is challenging Tawi's siege against former Congressional Minister and Heavyweight R. Lalzirliana of the National Mizo Front (MNF), said that Congress had washed the brains of the people by qualifying the Anti-Church of the BJP.

"We can not ignore Hindutva, but Congress is taking advantage of blind faith to say that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh would flood the state by converting Christians to Hinduism. We tell the Mizos that they are protected by Article 371 (G) of the Constitution, "he said.

Article 371 (G), specific to Mizoram, protects the religious or social practices of the Mizos, their customary laws and the ownership of their lands from any modification. "People see through the game of Congress, especially with their president, Rahul Gandhi, who is trying to be a better Hindu than the BJP leaders. They projected the picture that the BJP is anti-Christian and we know it's hard to break the ice, "said BJP Secretary of State Gary T. Haokip.

But the BJP convinced people that it was for the underprivileged, that he wanted to have roads, electricity, fuel oil and livelihoods that 10 years of congressional rule had failed , he added.