Journalist lends support to Akbar

Sunday Guardian The editor and former colleague of Mr. J. Akbar, Joyeeta Basu, on Monday described the former minister of the Union as "a man of integrity with irreproachable reputation" in a court of Delhi.

"Akbar has always been a thorough professional and a brilliant teacher who has taught me all aspects of journalism. I considered him a brilliant journalist, a scholarly writer and a serious gentleman with an impeccable reputation, "said Ms. Basu, testifying before the chief magistrate Samar Vishal, a Mr. Akbar witness accused of defamation. him against the senior journalist Priya Ramani.

Ms. Ramani accused Akbar of sexually harassing female journalists who had worked with him over the years.

"Despite my experiences with him and his reputation, his image was struck by reading articles / tweets about sexual harassment. The allegations are misplaced and unfounded because my experience of the past two decades has shown him to be a perfect gentleman and his behavior has been exemplary, "said the witness.

Mr. Vishal set December 7 as the deadline for the registration of the statement of another witness of Mr. Akbar.

Mr. Akbar has already registered his statement. He gave the court a list of six witnesses in support of his charges against Ms. Ramani.

In his complaint, Mr. Akbar alleged that "the accused [Ms. Ramani], while making defamatory statements about incidents that took place 20 years ago, admits at the same time that the complainant did not do anything to her. He asked to be sued under Article 499 (defamation) and punishable under Article 500 of the CPI. The offense results in a mere two years imprisonment or a fine, or both.