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With gratitude, the recognition of the state's authorization of higher education institutions has increased. This means achieving relationships between state licensing entities and professional licensing boards. State authorization is a formal decision made by a higher education organization, usually a higher education board or commission.

States authorizing institutions to carry out certain activities within its borders.

Institutions must meet licensing requirements, in accordance with programs and states.

Distance education allows a student taking courses in a state to obtain a degree from an institution located in another state. However, state licensing entities are very concerned that the programs leading to the license to operate meet the requirements of the license to practice in their state. Professional Licensing Boards require institutions to obtain government approval before they can review and determine whether the programs meet the licensing requirements.

The Mentis online training compliance application provides a unique solution to manage licensing requirements with the specification of actual hours, according to programs and reports.

Compliance of e-learning by Inknowledge Inc.

The Mentis online training compliance application helps an institution manage its pre-authorization process.

Mentis is an open business system for higher education that organizes data, automates processes and transforms academic management. The application assists an institution in general areas such as monitoring authorization processes and the current status of authorizations of each state licensing agency.

Maintaining a database of online programs, professors, students and other related data should be found as needed. Collection of information from academic staff, students and faculty via user-friendly online forms. Management of all documentation and communication exchanged with state licensing agencies and generated in a pre-defined report in dashboard format is available. Multiple levels of exploration and generated tasks and updates that can help academic staff stay abreast of this licensing process can be obtained or taught via e-learning.

Presentation of Compliance to Online Training:

Start by creating a comprehensive, ready-to-use database of state entities and licensing boards.

This information on compliance with online training now covers more than 35 different professions. The E-Learning compliance application comes with a physical presence tracking to record and track all activities. This includes the commercial, employment, advertising, instructional and recruiting activities of the program.

Manage your student registration data with direct integration with your student information systems.

A repository of all information about your program is provided so that this information can also be managed by your program coordinators. E-Learning Compliance provides a unique solution for managing licensing requirements with the specification of actual hours, according to programs and reports.

You can collect analytical information and draw conclusions from a number of predefined analytical reports. Remember to save time with automatic reminders, to-dos, and automatic website publishing. You can include documents and maintenance notes related to your research on licensing requirements, employee records, internal discussions and call logs.

Other options available to manage your licensing needs with e-learning compliance applications.

  • All notes can be edited and shared with your entire team and allow you to build a usable knowledge base.
  • Expenditure tracking for each authorization and permit by category. Manage notes and use expense reports for budget reports or planning.
  • Creating a centralized repository of all your associated documents. Drag and drop multiple files to download or reuse previously downloaded files.
  • Predefined reports or usage rules to filter records for viewing or reporting purposes. Export the data to work offline or take a snapshot directly to include it in your sales reports.
  • The customizable and publicly accessible exploration portal updates your disclosure for you.

We maintain the agency's contacts and their links for you so that you do not waste your time searching for and finding this information on the Internet.

You can analyze the number of registrations of your students with your permit and your license. In this way, you will be able to get students to proactively contact and monitor your compliance.