SC criticizes Bihar police for failing to find Manju Verma

The Supreme Court expressed dismay at the inability of the Bihar police to arrest former fugitive social welfare minister Manju Verma, who resigned in the wake of the house scandal. -refuge Muzaffarpur, in a case of transport of ammunition.

A judge led by Judge Madan B. Lokur instructed the Director General of the State Police to explain the inability of his forces to find her.

"A [former] Minister of Cabinet is not traceable. Fantastic. How could it happen that one [former] Minister of Cabinet is not traceable and no one knows where she is? Do you realize the seriousness of this? You have to explain to us how a [former] Cabinet minister is not traceable, "Judge Lokur told Bihar's lawyer.

The Chamber filed the case on November 27.

The court summoned the secretary general of Bihar after the lawyer Fauzia Shakil, who had appeared for the applicant Nivedita Jha, raised the issue of the situation in 14 other accommodation centers in Bihar.

Ms. Shakil argued that influential people were involved and that mistreatment of underage boys and girls continued in shelters. The state has taken no action. "There seems to be widespread mismanagement in Bihar shelters," said Judge Lokur.