Vijayashanti on tour at TRS

Vijayashanti, the star of the Congress, launched a ruthless attack on the ruling TRS, accusing it of breaking the aspirations of Telangana's population and jeopardizing the sacrifices made by many young people for the cause of the war. State and social justice.

Speaking at a public meeting Monday evening in the village of Ravinuthala, in the state of Bonakal, the filmmaker turned politician criticized the TRS leadership for failing to hold his "multitude" of pre-election promises for more than four and a half years of rule.

"The mismanagement of the TRS left farmers, students, unemployed youth, women and other marginalized groups in a desperate situation," she accused of blaming the rulers for imposing a "dictatorial regime" in the state and makes empty promises.

The Congress party has the power to realize the ideals for which Telangana was formed by the UPA government under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi in 2014, she said, calling on the population to elect candidates for the grand alliance led by Congress in the elections of December 7 a "popular regime".

The chairman of the Telangana Congress campaign committee and party candidate in the constituency of Madhira, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and others spoke out.

A little earlier, she arrived by the road at 8:30 pm, almost four hours late.