The IOR acquires an information fusion center

For the Naval Symposium of the Indian Ocean, a multinational naval forum held in the Indian Ocean region for ten years, it is appropriate to translate the debates up to now into "interactions at sea ", said Vice Admiral G. Ashok Kumar, MP. Chief of the Indian Navy.

As part of efforts to "make" the interactions, India's Minister of Defense Nirmala Sitharaman would create an information fusion center for the Indian Ocean region on December 21.

India currently chairs the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) working group on sharing and interoperability of information.

"The center would initially be located at the Indian Navy's Information Management Analysis Center (IMAC) in Gurugram, where international liaison officers (ILOs) from interested IONS members would be virtually present. Once the IFC has its own building, the ILO will be physically present, "he said in an interaction with L & # 39; Hindu on the eve of the 10th anniversary commemorative meeting of the forum, here Monday.

Vice-Admiral said that efforts had already begun to bring operational relevance to ION interactions, with a Bangladesh-coordinated multilateral search and rescue exercise that chaired the search and rescue working group. last year.

India, which chaired the Working Group on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR), organized a table-top exercise in Visakhapatnam. This step was preceded by the preparation of a guide on HADR and a list of assets owned by members for mobilization during disasters.

24 members

The countries of the IOR and beyond felt the need to be part of the dynamic forum, he said. "IONS now has 24 member countries and eight observers. Qatar and Nigeria have now expressed their desire to be part of it. Malaysia, which was an observer, became a full member early this year. He said the continued deployment of mission-based platforms at all crossing points in the Indian Ocean had not only helped the navy to monitor the seas, the first responder to the mishaps and calamities of the region. .

"This, with joint patrols with several countries, regular EEZ patrols conducted for countries such as the Maldives with their personnel aboard Indian ships, bilateral and multilateral exercises, has earned the Indian Navy great confidence in the region and beyond, "he said.