We want to be the alternative to Telangana Rashtra Samithi

"The people of Telangana gave Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) a chance last time and elected the Congress and Telugu Desam governments earlier. They are now disillusioned and we want to occupy the political space to become the new alternative. Prime Minister Modi's charisma, President Amit Shah's election leadership, our positive political manifesto (forthcoming) and the promise of a corruption-free government will help us get the support we need to form a government, "he says. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Telangana State. President K. Laxman in this exclusive interview: Extracts –

What is the main axis on which the BJP is fighting the elections in Telangana?

Since our party came to power at the Center in 2014, we have moved exponentially to Kashmir in Kanyakumari, winner of elections in 19 states. Modi's development program and social protection programs helped us win in states like Manipur and Tripura, where we had virtually no presence. Even in Telanagana, people are looking for change and we are ensuring responsible government in front of the public and with social justice.

Why do you think people will prefer BJP over TRS?

This is because everything that K. Chandrasekhar Rao and TRS promised during the last polls has not been implemented and there is a total failure. Whether in two-bedroom units, three acres for Dalits, Bhagiratha Mission or Kakatiya Mission, irrigation projects, PG to PG education, jobs Where are the progress? Hyderabad generates most of the income, but it has been neglected without roads, sewage systems or drinking water. Where is the world class city? What happened to the 100-day action plan?

Why do you think KCR solicited the ballot boxes 10 months in advance?

We still have to hear an appropriate explanation for that. However, he knows he has no chance against Modi's charisma in general elections when national issues take precedence. But it is strange why he called for early elections after being the first party to support "one nation, one vote" in favor of simultaneous elections for the Center and states proposed by Mr. Modi.

But has the Center not done everything possible to support the TRS government?

Under Prime Minister Modi, the development of the country takes precedence over politics. He believes in "Team India", so whatever authorizations requested by the TRS government for irrigation projects, funds from the 14th Finance Committee such as 1.36 lakhore of crowns, the construction of national highways at the cost of Rs 44,000 crores, etc. from Telangana.

Your party disputes only after a long time. How will the TD-TJS Congress Alliance affect you?

We are the real alternative to TRS. The "unholy" alliance between Congress and the DT will not work. This will be a major political mistake. There will be no automatic transfer of votes because the TD is born on the anti-Congress board and people perceive it to be anti-Telangana.