A student discovers a mimic stalker imitating her Instagram account

A Scottish student apparently discovered that a classmate had imitated his photos on Instagram, to a disturbing degree.

According to a Facebook publication now removed, a woman named Chloe Cowan and her sister spotted the copier, who would be another student by the name of Honey Basra. The latter apparently recreated Cowan's photos, to the clothes she wore and to the legend.

Cowan would have been scared by the existence of this account and who would not have been? This goes beyond the mere Instagram harassment and is imposed on the true territory of "single white women". According to Daily registrationThe University of Dundee, which is attended by both women, is investigating these allegations.

Surprisingly, this behavior is not new – nor the most alarming instance I have seen. In 2016 Lauren Bullen, a travel blogger, discovered a seemingly fake account, imitating her photos to every luxurious vacation home. Imitation is perhaps the most sincere form of flattery, but it is also apparently the most expensive.

Some put forward the idea that Bullen's copier was a hoax – Internal business revealed that she had tried to find the other woman, but she could not do it, and she also pointed out that this debacle had for Bullen 200,000 new followers on Instagram. The Cowan / Basra story could also be a chance. This is one of those things that seem less strange and incomprehensible the more you think about it.

But assuming that both stories are credible, I wonder if the imitation stems from a love for the particular person and his or her lifestyle, or an attempt to duplicate his or her success on the platform. Instagram is a numbers game, more or less, and I am sure that many of them are eager to gain some of the benefits of the medium without doing any work to become popular on their own merit.

Do you remember Wanderingggirl? This was the name of the fake Instagram Influencer of Media Kix, who had managed to accumulate business offers for hundreds of dollars of free swag, despite the fact that the account was only one series of archival photographs and that it had already been unveiled as a fictional month. before. I raise the issue to show that some brands do little to check the credibility of the accounts on which they throw money.

In any case, Cowan's account is now private and Basra's account can not be found.

A woman claims that a mysterious look-alike threatens her sister "to the extreme" by bizarrely copying ALL of her Instagram messages
on the daily mail

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