Sugarcane producers stop demonstrating in Belagavi after DKS insurance

Sugarcane farmers ended their demonstration against the government for delaying the payment of sugar mill arrears, following assurances by Minister DK Shivakumar that the government would ensure that promises made by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy would be meeting in two weeks.

The Minister of Medical Education, who was visiting the city for a few activities, spoke with farmers who were demonstrating outside the Deputy Commissioner's office. He listened to them for a few minutes. Karnataka leaders Rajya Raitha Sangha complained to him that most factories had millions of rupees late. They showed him files on outstanding contributions by the factories. "But they falsely claimed before the Prime Minister that they had no outstanding debt to settle," said KRRS officials.

The minister said it was unfortunate that the factories were so backlogged. "The government is with you. We are committed to the well-being of farmers. We will see that justice is done, "he said.

He told reporters that he would convey farmers' concerns to the chief minister. The government will ensure that sincere efforts are made to respond to farmers' demand for arrears, transportation and cost reduction for factories and to ensure remunerative prices for sugar cane. .

Jarkiholi brothers

Asked to ask the Jarkiholi brothers to pay their contributions to the farmers, Mr. Shivakumar said he was confident that they would pay their bills themselves. Pressed by some journalists to comment on the specific allegation of non-payment of arrears by Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, Mr. Shivakumar said, "He is a senior official. I will not comment on it.

Mr. Shivakumar handed the packed juice to KRRS leaders, including Sidagouda Motagi and Jayashree Gurannanavar.

Mr. Motagi then told reporters that they would wait 15 days before the government met their demands and resumed the strike if the government did not act within that time frame.

Meanwhile, brothers Jarkiholi Ramesh and Satish did not accompany Mr. Shivakumar when he met the protesters. District congressional leaders consider that there is another incident that has demonstrated the differences between Mr. Shivakumar and the Jarkiholi brothers. "

"They did not meet him as long as he was in Belagavi, they did not accompany him to the ceremony at KLE or to the meeting of independent energy producers." Lakshmi Hebbalkar , MP, considered a supporter of Mr. Shivakumar, was also not seen with him, "a congressional district committee leader observed.

Bhalachandra Jarkiholi, the younger brother of the Gokak clan, a BJP deputy, told the press in Arabhavi that his plant owed no backlog to a farmer. "We paid all our sugarcane suppliers in accordance with government rules," he said.