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You will notice something about football (American football). Teams that tend to lose big games have quarters without points. When we look at the four quarters and the number of points scored by each team, the losing team seems to have lost quarters. Because they go into quarters without scoring, they find themselves in difficult conditions later in the game.

There are always reasonable excuses not to play hard. At the time of writing these lines, Thanksgiving is upon us, offering the excuse that people will not be at work and that they will not want to do anything now. Even though people will be at work and those who are will probably have more time, some people are missing. Instead of "taking off the neighborhood", find people there and talk to them.

Just after Thanksgiving, we arrive at the big holidays, including Christmas and New Year 's Day. More people will be away from work and people at work will be just as likely to be checked for the year after completing their work. If they are at work, they will probably have already changed their thinking in the goals, projects and tasks of their next year. What you want to talk to them about is their next year and ideas that will help you make their next year a success.

When you remove your quarters, you find yourself late. In football, when you score, the points are scored on the board in this quarter. With respect to sales and revenues, the figures you published during the quarter are the result of the activity you performed in previous quarters. Because there is a gap between when you create opportunities and when you win them, quarters in which you do not accumulate enough points only appear in the near future, which means Know that you are late until it is too late for you to fix it.

As for football, it is increasingly difficult to catch up. If you have a zero in a quarter, you need to double your goal in a coming quarter to get the same result. And if it's hard to reach your goals now, doubling them will not be easier.

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