An inexplicable delay in coal scams, said SC

A special case against coal, a barrister and senior counsel, R.S. Cheema informed the Supreme Court on Tuesday that some cases had been inexplicably delayed while the field investigation was over for a long time. Mr. Cheema was introduced before the boards of three judges Madan B. Lokur, Kurian Joseph and AK Sikri said that these cases were either waiting for a review of the heads of agency agencies charged with the 39; investigation, either the approval of the supervisory authority or the granting of punishment for the purpose of prosecution.

The court asked IWC and the Law Enforcement Branch to file a new status report on the various stages of the investigation and prosecution. He also asked IBC SIT to file a similar status report on the investigation into the alleged behavior of former IWC leader Ranjit Sinha.

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan argued that, in some cases, the process continued to be slow as politically influential figures were involved. The court asked the agencies to provide the state of progress of the investigation into the charcoal scam until 31 December 2018. He requested a report by 15 January and published the next hearing for January 22, 2019.