How to end the year in strength · The sales blog

How to end the year in strength · The sales blog

It is likely that if you are struggling to reach your goal, the cause will be found in your habits earlier in the year. If your pipeline misses the offers you need to dial your number now, the opportunities you need would have already been created and well advanced. That said, you must do your best to get the best result possible while there is still time. Here are some ideas on what you could do now.

  • Track each transaction and get the next commitment needed to move it forward. In The Lost Art of Closing, I provided ten commitments that are usually found in a B2B sale. Check back on these commitments to see where you have lost control of the transaction and call your prospect to request a meeting to do everything you could have missed. I imagine that you missed the commitment to change, the commitment to build consensus or the commitment to solve the problems.
  • Look for agreements at the beginning of the process with stakeholders who are more motivated to change and suggest that they change their launch schedule. A common mistake is to focus only on late agreements. However, highly motivated, committed and convinced prospects who want change now are just as likely to advance an agreement – and in some cases more. See if you can move their timeline for them.
  • Remove all known obstacles to the purchase. If you know that a problem is preventing your potential customer from buying from you, ask to solve any problem or provide proof that he feels necessary to go ahead. You may be tempted here to remove the price as a barrier, and you may be right to do so, but I'm afraid you train your customers so that they will wait for you, especially when you renew their contract.
  • Shoot all the weapons. You must do everything you can to win even when it means that you are asking for help from other people. Invite your sales manager, sales manager, management, a customer reference or even a board member to interact with a potential customer who does not move and needs a boost. Sometimes having a chef call another chef can smooth the way.
  • Agree on the start date and describe the milestones between now and this date, including the date on which you would need an agreement. If your dream client is going online by March 1, explain why you need to sign a contract now and what you will have to do together between the signing date and the commissioning date. You can also use these steps to show that you are making the best use of the resources available to your potential customer.

What are you going to do to make sure you end 2018 in strength?

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