My Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday Haul (2018)

In personal finance circles, it's popular to tell people to avoid the crowds of Black Friday … that it's just not worth it. I tried not to tell others what to do, but for years I told them I was staying out of the way. I would not go to Wal-Mart or Best Buy, but if there was a small Staples or Office Depot out there, I would give them a chance. Usually, I have done well with these second-tier deals.

If you want to take care of the crowds and it works for you, so be it. I hope you are not part of the handful of injured people.

I have the impression that more and more people are buying online at home. I even read a story that the stores were empty. While I was shopping at one location, a buyer told me that the outstanding contract for an amazing laptop at Staples was still in stock – more than 5 hours after it opened. Maybe the pendulum is swinging online, leaving a better opportunity in the stores.

I was not very excited about this year's Black Friday. Most agreements appear to be games, TVs, smart speakers or tablets. I no longer play the game and I have more than enough. In fact, we do not need anything because we tend to keep things and use them for a long time. The cookware I had since 2005 is still cooking, but it is starting to show its age.

Although I am not sure that the offers I choose are particularly interesting, I noticed an interesting trend when I examined them.

  • Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster, Silver

    Our old convection toaster oven was about 10 years old and it really showed it in age. The problem is that it still works. Instead of the $ 200 USD price from the Amazon, the local Navy base had it priced at $ 100 (and no sales tax). It would also match the silver kitchen appliances we have in the house we bought 7 years ago. Finally, the comments on the frying function in the air were really good. It is certainly crazy, but we hope it will please us.

    I wonder if we can get something from our old at a garage sale. Would you buy an old convection toaster oven not very clean, for maybe $ 5?

  • Oversized wall clock

    For some time now we have been looking for a traditional clock for our nautical themed show. It's great to start teaching our kids to read the time. Normally it would be $ 40, but I saw it for $ 15 on Slickdeals.

  • JBL Earphones

    I never seem to have anything better than the free headphones that they offer you in a plane and an ear never works. I only use them a few times a year when I travel (and I usually read a book instead). At $ 8, this seems to be an agreement on their $ 40 headphones. I know the JBL brand and the quality should be reasonable, but I do not know if they are actually $ 40. For my use, this solves a problem (minor) at a reasonable price.

  • Osmo Genius Kit for Fire Tablet

    This is an augmented reality learning kit for kids. It had been a long time since I was interested in that, but it was only for the iPad for a long time. I could not see spending about $ 350 on a special tablet, just to spend an extra $ 99. However, it works with our Amazon Fire HD 10. There was a brief window where the price was $ 35, if you applied a 50% coupon code on the product that was already 30% ($ 70 on sale) .

    I think the agreement was available for 10 minutes and I had the chance to refresh the Slickdeals browser at the right time to get it. I hope they do not cancel it because of a price error.

    We certainly need it, but with two boys aged 4 and 6, I think they will get a lot of use (and learning).

  • Children helmet

    We need something with a decibel limitation feature and a sharing port so that they can watch the same movie on Amazon Fire. That was $ 6 each with a couple code that I caught at the right time on Slickdeals. (I was very lucky, but I'm sure I missed a lot of things because I did not refresh Slickdeals all the time.)

    I was willing to pay $ 15 each, but this allowed us to save almost $ 20.

  • Think Geek Cyber ​​Monday Promotion (Promocode: DOTCOM)

    This is a late update of the list. I saw that Think Geek was using a 50% discount on everything on the site. I quickly changed Pokemon and found some great stuff for the kids. Almost everything was around 5 to 8 dollars, which is a good deal for almost everything about franchising. The taking of Pokemon from our lives is almost over.

My wife bought some items from the navy base and other places, but she did not tell me much about it. (We hope not to spoil Santa's surprise.) We also bought less than exciting things like gift cards while we were already at the place or a can opener we needed but were not not for sale. The above was only remarkable "offers".

The tendency was that most of these things were just bad luck. The toaster oven is the only item I've seen in advance and that was thought: "It would be a good home upgrade, we should try it." rest was made up of impulsive elements. They were impulsive articles that had a good purpose, but were not really necessary.

At home, I am famous for not buying a lot of things throughout the year. It is the time of year when I catch up.