E Ink's new digital paper allows you to draw almost immediately

The hypothetical pinnacle of digital paper lies in the moment when it becomes impossible to distinguish the real article, both in reading and writing. Today, at the Connected Ink conference in Tokyo, E Ink Holdings has brought us a little closer with its new JustWrite technology.

JustWrite is designed to feel as close to writing as possible on a standard A4-size sheet, without the inclusion of a large TFT backplane. It requires very little power to operate and has a very low latency to provide a natural writing experience.

So, how does it work in practice? You can see an artist demonstrate the technology in this video. As you will see, the pencil lines appear almost instantly.

According to E Ink Holdings, JustWrite only requires a writing pen and simple electronic components to work, and works with a variety of compatible writing instruments, including pens, brushes , markets and stamps. Thanks to the simple construction of the JustWrite film, the e-ink screens are light, flexible and extremely flexible.

Most people are familiar with digital paper technology through electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle, but the reality is that it is increasingly encroaching on more and more spaces, information displays luggage tags. JustWrite's technology means that these screens will no longer be just devices for consuming content, but also a viable option for creative work. And it's exciting.

Posted on 30 November 2018 – 17:26 UTC