Coastal security in Gujarat worries, says Congress

A few days after the 10th anniversary of 26/11, the Congress party said Friday that coastal security in the Gujarat region, on the border with Pakistan, remained a concern.

"Yesterday, no less than 28 fishermen on our side of the ocean were picked up by Pakistani navies," top official Shaktisinh Gohil told reporters at a press conference. "We do not like to do security policy, but there are some issues that need to be raised in the national interest. How is it that the Pakistani navies take them in our waters? The government must respond, "he said.

"When the UPA was at the Center in 2005, funds were donated to the state to enhance coastal safety with night vision cameras, patrol boats, and so on. "Mr. Gohil said, waving a photo of a report from the ACG. The press conference appeared to be a response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attack on the UPA's record on terrorism.

"He unleashed the 26/11 attack in Rajasthan. The 'Kuber' boat used by the 26/11 terrorists was recovered in Porbandar. If the ship was equipped with a tracking device, as it should, it could not have reached Mumbai without being followed, "he said.

"You made a mistake and want us to bear the burden," said Gohil.