Top 27 tech gadgets and trendy products for your holiday wish list for 2018 –

With Black Friday – well, Friday – the holidays are fast approaching. It's time to create your own vacation, tech gadgets and cool product lists. Be sure to check twice.

To help you make all of these great holiday gift ideas come true for your friends, family and most importantly for yourself, we have selected 27 of our favorite items:

1. FlexiSpot Bike Desk

The FlexiSpot bike desk is a great gift for those who feel stuck at their desks without having the time to exercise. The bike allows you to pedal the metal and continue to work without noise or distraction. The FlexiSpot Bike Desk is available at Amazon for approximately $ 400. It is easy to assemble and does not take up much space. This makes it ideal for a home office space.

2. Energix charger

This nice cell phone charger helps keep these phones older, which can be useful for those who do not always switch to the next phone model right out. The Engergix charger is thin and light. It's extremely powerful, filling your smartphone with a charge that keeps it longer than a charger.

The company offers home and car charger versions ($ 50 each) to keep your phone charged. Also offers a USBC adapter, Android or iOS ($ 16 each). You do not have to worry if your recipient does not have a compatible phone. Chargers and adapters are available on the company's website.

3. Xtra PC

Your thrifty friend or family member will appreciate Xtra PC because it will save them a lot of money to acquire new computer equipment because their current equipment is extremely slow. This device is a USB drive that you insert into an available USB port.

No installation is necessary. it simply restarts performance on the PC to which it is connected. Available on the company's website as well as on Amazon. You have the choice of three versions that offer more storage, energy and speed and the price varies between 35 and 80 USD.

4. UHoo indoor air quality sensor

Help provide healthy living for your loved ones with the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor. Beyond an air quality factor, this device gives you a total of nine factors that affect what you breathe in your home or office. It works with your WiFi and connects to many smart devices. The uHoo Indoor Air Sensor is priced at $ 329 with free shipping directly from uHoo or Amazon.

5. PhoneSoap Phone Disinfectant

Although we all know that our phones have become sprout factories, we often do not do much about it. PhoneSoap plans to change all this during the holiday season with its phone disinfectant. All the germaphobes of your life will love to receive this innovative product. It uses UV light to sterilize your cell phone safely and nontoxically, destroying 99.9% of bacteria in just minutes.

There are even charging ports that allow you to charge your device while it is being cleaned. Phone disinfectant is available in many colors on the company's website, as well as at other online retailers such as Amazon. Prices start at $ 60 for a standard size, while larger sizes and packages with two or more disinfectants vary.

6. SkyLink TV Antenna

Encourage more people to cut the cord with their cable companies with the SkyLink TV antenna. It is a small indoor digital television antenna that does not require any complex configuration, software installation or WiFi to work. Although the reception varies depending on the area due to the terrain and surroundings, it is possible to watch free live TV in 1080p HD. You can buy it from SkyLink for only $ 31.

7. Neato Botvac D7 connected robot vacuum cleaner

The Neato Botvac D7 connected vacuum cleaner robot improves functionality and performance compared to other robot vacuum cleaners. It is lightweight, easy to use and does the work with artificial intelligence and advanced room mapping technology. This means that he can better navigate the furniture and cover more surface. The Vacuum Neato robot costs $ 799 and is available on the Neato website or at retailers such as Amazon, Wellbots, Best Buy and others.

8. Eight Sleep Tracker

Provide restorative sleep with Eight Sleep Tracker, a smart mattress pad, and an app system that tracks sleep patterns and provides personalized recommendations as well as an environment conducive to better sleep. It features sensors that send data directly to the AI-compatible application to record all types of information about your sleep patterns.

The application will recommend changes for a more relaxing night. Prices range from $ 399 to $ 419, depending on the size of the coverage. You can buy it directly from the company's website. The application is also available on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

9. GoSun solar cooker

For people in your life who prefer to live off the grid or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the GoSun solar cooker is a unique way to prepare meals. Using the power of the sun and a vacuum glass tube that absorbs and converts sunlight into heat. You can prepare meals at home or on the road, for example at the party or on a hike.

The company has an online store to buy various solar ovens, including the $ 139 portable stove, the GoSun stove for $ 249 and the grill for $ 699. Other solar cooking options are also available.

10. MindInsole foot massage soles

Some items in this year's list provide technology that actually helps the body, as opposed to all the other tech gadgets you use. It uses magnetic technology to create an innovative massage sole that suits every step.

The MindInsole uses magnets and acupressure to locate areas of energy in the body. The result is an increase in blood flow and oxygen, which relieves the pain and stress on your feet. The $ 39 sole can be purchased from the company's website and fits most shoes, such as boots, heels and running shoes.

11. NightGuide HD Driving Glasses

NightGuide HD has a unique way to improve your visibility when driving at night. These high-quality glasses have polarized lenses in German resin, which helps them resist scratches and dirt. The technology filters hard light and reduces glare from reflective surfaces that negatively impact night driving.

The glasses also work during the day, blocking 100% UVA and UVB rays. You can buy them directly from NightGuide with a pair for $ 50 or you can get two for $ 70 or three for $ 90.

12. Vizr Vehicle Display

Vizr is a vehicle display app that works with your smartphone and is designed to keep you safe on the road. It's a precious gift for teens, seniors and drivers of all ages. To avoid distracted driving, Vizr does all the work, including checking maps, traffic and speed. You will easily keep your eyes on the road.

The sensor connects to your vehicle and connects to the free app compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can buy it on the company's website. A sensor costs $ 59, or you can buy more and get two for $ 88 or three for $ 118.

13. FlyGrip phone holder

As our phones never leave our hands, we often try to balance it, use the keys, etc., and that's inevitably when we drop our phones. Instead of cracking another screen, offer the FlyGrip phone holder, which allows you to hold your phone easily with one hand.

This one-handed phone handle attaches to your phone or holster, then acts as a portrait and landscape support. It works with all types of phones. Buy it from various online retailers or directly from the company for $ 30.

14. FlexSafe Travel Safe

FlexSafe is the perfect gift for the traveler of your life, as it contributes to the safety of valuables while on the go. The founders of this company have been the winners of Shark Tank and have won other awards for their innovative product. It offers a portable safe easy to carry.

The water-resistant travel safe includes an internal zipper pocket and mesh pockets, a universal locking flap and a programmable lock. This product is available on the company's website for $ 40.

15. UBTECH Alpha 1S Robot

Kids, teens and even adults will enjoy interacting with the UBTECH Alpha 1S robot, designed to provide hours of entertainment, exercise and learning. It can be programmed with Blockly coding in the application to customize the movements and actions of the robot. The robot and the application are compatible with PC, iOS and Android. You can buy the robot via Amazon for $ 450.

Lexin Victorinox Lexin Heroic Frequency Smart Handbag

This smart suitcase is a dream for business travelers and technology enthusiasts. In addition to the room you have inside to carry as much as to continue instead of checking your luggage, this luggage offers a superior design, including a polycarbonate shell, molding technology and ultra-quiet wheels. -encastrées.

Hidden identification tags include a toolbox with a USB port for connecting to a power supply (separate purchase). The suitcase also features a YKK® double-winding puncture-resistant zipper and a Travel Sentry® Approved integrated combination lock. Made by the Swiss Army brand, the suitcase is available on their website for $ 460.

17. Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

Printed photos are always a precious memory. To make nostalgia for our digital life easier, Canon offers the Ivy Miniature Photo Printer. This device allows you to print 2 x 3-inch sticker photos from your smartphone and some social media platforms.

Before you print, add fun custom features such as frames, emoticons and stickers, filters, and text. Other options include printing tiles or collages. The photos are water and tear resistant, as well as without burrs. It's quick and easy to set up with a printer so you can print photos in minutes. Buy it by Canon for $ 130.

18. CrashSafe Survival Tool

CrashSafe offers a six in one survival tool that will help your loved one in case of an accident in a road accident. It plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle or the 12V port of your vehicle so that it is always ready and at hand. It is equipped with a belt cutter and window breaker, a flashing LED and flashing beacon, as well as a phone charger with USB port and integrated power supply.

The company's website offers a tool for $ 49, three for $ 98, five for $ 147 and ten for $ 245. In this way, you can give as many practical tools as possible.

19. LEGO Boost Creative Toolkit

This LEGO kit combines construction, coding and imaginative games for kids ages 7 to 12 and their parents wanting to help. It comes with a free app that helps kids create and code five different models. There are 840 LEGO parts, a LEGO Move concentrator, an interactive engine, and a color and distance sensor. The Move Hub features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, two coded engines, and so on. It is available on the LEGO website as well as at other retailers for $ 160.

20. The PhotoStick Plus

The PhotoStick Plus gives you more control over your personal data instead of outsourcing it to a third-party cloud platform. This latest version of PhotoStick gives you a capacity of 1 terabyte to store thousands of photos, videos, documents and music files. It's a click of the supplied software and all this valuable data is stored securely. The storage device is available on the company's website. Usually the price is $ 300, but it is available for sale for $ 190 vacation.

21. Magicup anti-spill coffee cup

UK-based Magicup has developed anti-spill technology and an innovative cup of coffee, perfect for your favorite coffee lover. The unique lid ensures that no bumps or motion will create a spill. This is because the lid closes if the cup tilts on a table. Yet, it offers a "360 degree drinkability" that allows you to drink anywhere around the lid. Priced at $ 29, you can order it from sites like The Grommet.

22. Adidas MiCoach Smart Football

Technology and data are spreading in the world of sports equipment thanks to Adidas and their MiCoach Smart football. It is a training tool to place kicks that include an integrated sensor. The sensor collects data on the hitting points, the speed and the trajectory when it hits the balloon.

It works with mobile devices running iOS (version 7 or later), Android (version 4.3 or later), or Windows 10. The battery life is around 2,000 kicks or a week and lasts about an hour. It is available on Amazon, it costs around $ 150 plus shipping costs.

23. Mevo Plus live action camera

Mevo offers a portable live action camera that makes it much easier to broadcast live. It offers you a multi-camera production capability allowing you to zoom, pan and edit easily with its suite of video tools. The camera also harnesses artificial intelligence for editing functionality.

You can choose to connect to all major platforms via Wi-Fi or LTE. You can record HD video directly to your SD card or stream it to sites such as Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or a custom RTMP destination. The Mevo Plus is $ 500 or the Mevo Plus Bundle with additional accessories is $ 800. These are available on the Mevo website and on other retailers, such as Amazon.

24. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

Dango offers the EDC Tactical Portfolio, which not only uses RFID blocking technology to protect your information, but also offers all kinds of tools and gadgets in a lightweight portfolio (only two ounces before adding cards and cash ); CNC quality aluminum.

The wallet comes with the Dango Multi-Tool is made of high carbon stainless steel and has ten functions such as a saw, a knife, a smartphone holder, a ruler and more. This is for the outdoor enthusiast who happens to be also a technology lover. You can buy it on the Dango website or get the Dango for $ 89 from Amazon.

25. Polaroid OneStep Instant Camera 2 VF Viewfinder

Polaroid's iconic Viewfinder camera is back with a vintage look, but with the latest technology and relevant features so you can always take those selfies. OneStep 2 lets you take authentic photos without all the filters and print snapshots to share with friends.

It combines digital with the traditional for around $ 120 in white or black. Or, for $ 140, you can get the Mint Limited Edition color. The Polaroid online store and a wide range of offline and online retailers have prepared it for the holidays.

26. Coway Airmega 400S HEPA Air Purifier – Wifi Model

The Coway Airmega 400S HEPA Air Purifier is a state-of-the-art air purifier with Wi-Fi capability and a mobile application. It also covers a large area of ​​nearly 1,600 square feet, making it ideal for offices, garages and other large spaces. With the help of several filters, it cleans the air of dandruff, fur, dust, odors and more.

The application allows you to get reports on the quality of indoor and outdoor air. With the application or Alexa, you can also control the air purifier from anywhere, customize it to your needs and set a schedule for its use. The air purifier costs around $ 650 and is available on the Coway website and at select retailers.

27. Santa's one dollar bill

Finally, whether you know a child or "a child in the heart," Santa's one-dollar bill is a pretty cool gift that is also an excellent collector's item. That's because it's the real money that could be spent (but you definitely want to keep it!). Priced at $ 3.49 per dollar bill, Santa 's special money comes with a card that showcases the spirit of Christmas and adds joy. To add to the list of takeaway items!

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